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MaldonadoBikeTech is a 6061T6 aluminum frame factory, we provide a personalized service that makes each frame or bike unique to its owner, taking into account the geometry, riding position, style and color, looking for a personal touch for each user.

An MLDN bike is more than just a bike, we do our best to make it an extension of the rider's legs. Each project has a delay but we consider that it is really worth it because they are for life.

Diego Maldonado.



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 Diego Maldonado was born in 1975 in Argentina, he has been a bicycle mechanic for more than 20 years. He learned the trade from a young age, when he started working as an employee in mechanical workshops.

 For several years he participated as a columnist for the specialized magazine Biciclub, where he wrote technical notes and contests for the mail queries of readers from all over the country. At that time he started a deep investigation and analysis began on each component to try to respond appropriately to each query received.

 In 2006 he opened his own bicycle mechanics workshop-school, with a large audience, a large part of which were the readers of the magazine's articles. This direct link with his students gave him the tools to clearly transmit the knowledge acquired throughout his professional career.

 In recent years, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires called him to develop a special program to teach the trade in training centers. At the same time, he was an instructor in these courses.

 Currently, he will dedicate himself to teaching at different levels in his workshop-school and for the training centers of the City Government. He also continues to work in the shop as a racing bike mechanic. He is an assembler for top high-end brands. We also offer advice to companies and individuals.

 Diego Maldonado is passionate about bicycles, has a great commitment to the trade, and a vocation to spread his knowledge on the subject.


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Diego Maldonado was a collaborator of the Biciclub magazine from 2006 to 2012, in charge of the technical consulting section and responsible for the notes on bicycle mechanics. Also answering the queries of the mail of readers. In that period he made more than 70 notes for this magazine.